The technology of the GyroStim is currently used within the high-tech world of space science and research. Its counterpart, the AeroStim – another rotating chair also along multiple axes – is in use at prime locations in the U.S.; for example, it is part of the training program for fighter pilots at the United States Air Force Academy and offers top researchers at the Mayo Clinic the opportunity to develop new advances in medical science.

STARTING NOW, everyone can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology of the AeroStim, in the form of the GyroStim. This system has the ability and precision to offer controlled multi-axis 360 degree rotation of the entire body in very specific combinations for a wide range of individuals, regardless of age, lifestyle and circumstances, i.e. including people who are physically or mentally incapable of moving or exercising on their own.

Researchers and physicians from the Life University in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.) have discovered new applications for the GyroStim Balance Training System.

Professional and top athletes with a balance disorder use the GyroStim.

  • The GyroStim has helped professional athletes to perform again at their highest level and to return from the sidelines to the field as quickly as possible.
  • Training with the GyroStim promotes balance recovery, improves reflexes, provides better concentration and response and more energy.

Professionals from every branch of sport who want to improve their performance include the GyroStim in their training program.

  • The GyroStim helps athletes achieve better balance.

Children and adults from all walks of life with balance problems use the GyroStim.

  • GyroStim is designed to be used for people of all shapes and sizes, even if they have a disability that hinders independent mobility or activity.

People with age-related balance disorders, less energy and ability to concentrate, gain new vitality with the GyroStim.

  • Balance disorders, lack of energy, loss of concentration and vitality are common among the elderly. Now that the baby boom generation is gradually becoming aged, the GyroStim plays a critical role in helping the elderly to compensate their function loss due to ageing and regain their mobility and vigour.